Squishmallow Squishville 2" Mini with Vehicle

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Fasten your squish-belt and get ready to roll with the Squishville Mini-Squishmallow with Vehicle Assortment. This adorably squishy assortment features your favourite Squishmallows in a mini 5cm size.

Squeeze your Mini-Squishmallow into their flashy vehicles and explore Squishville. The Squishville world is made with super-soft filling making it the cosiest place on earth. Roll through Squishville in a plane, car, or even a carriage.

Add 16 of your Squishmallow plush toy favourites including Dexter the Dragon, Mauve the Llama and Zeke the Zebra to your world of squish in their new 5cm size. With vehicles, playsets, and your favourite Squishmallow plush characters, Squishville is bursting with squish- ibilities.