Charcuterie Boards - $100 Value
Charcuterie Boards - $100 Value
Charcuterie Boards - $100 Value

Charcuterie Boards - $100 Value

Each side is shown with corresponding numbers for each board.

1-approximately 24"X14"

2-approximately 18"X13"


Each Board includes customized engraving. Engraving allows the board to be still safe  to eat from once complete.

Made from reclaimed logs and finished with environmentally friendly and non-toxic oils. 

After each use, clean the board with warm soapy water- DO NOT immerse the board in water or place in the dishwasher. Dry immediately.  Remove stains and odors by using a generous sprinkling of table salt and rub with a sliced lemon. Rinse with warm water.  The boards should be treated with food-grade mineral oil ( found on most hardware stores or pharmacies) 2-3 times each month, depending on the frequency on the use. Rub the entire board all over. Allow to sit overnight. Wipe excess oil off with a cloth. 



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