Always and Forever Keepsake Book

Always and Forever Keepsake Book

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The wishing, the waiting, the hearts filled with hope. From the moment you decide to adopt to the day you bring your child home, there are so many emotions, milestones, and memories worth capturing.

This is a place to record your adoption journey, from your first wishes to grow your family to your first year together. Fill in the pages with your unique story and honor the road that led you to one another. The prompts inside this touching keepsake are inclusive of all types of adoptions whether domestic, international, or from foster care, and fitting for both infants and older children.

It's a beautiful gift to celebrate an adoption announcement of both infants and older children.

Inside, you'll find heartfelt prompts such as:

- Why adopting you was important to us...

- One thing we want you to know about your adoption...

- How we felt meeting you for the first time...

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