SB Loyalty Rewards

how do i earn points?

SB Loyalty Rewards are here just for you!

We are offering our valued customers an opportunity to earn points on all their purchases! For every 300 points you receive $5 off your purchase! This program is available to anyone who registers an account right here on our Website. Whether you shop in store or online, you MUST have an online account on to earn rewards & to be able to view your balance online.

Please note, when you place an online order it does NOT
automatically sign you up for an account, you still need to register by clicking "join now"

how do i redeem my points?

1. Login to your SB account

2. When redeeming points online, click on the SB Rewards icon on the bottom right side of the screen.

3. Select "Redeem" and then select how many points you wish to redeem on the purchase you will be making.

4. Copy the code given at the checkout process and it will deduct that value from your order! 

Please note, you cannot use loyalty redemption in
combination another discount code as the system will only accept one code
at a time!